Rear Admiral Joost von Haag

A short, portly man with a balding pate and wire-rim spectacles.


A veteran of the Unification Wars which eventually led to the Confederacy of Planets, Joost von Haag is an aging naval officer with few upward aspirations. He comports himself with litte flair and a great deal of competence- among the lower decks he is affectionately called ‘Captain Ballbearing’. He isn’t big, he isn’t interesting, but like the ballbearing he appears essential to the ship he commands.

Joost’s post at the head of Expeditionary Fleet Oakheart came as a surprise to none, as the fleet was mostly a political gesture. On a more practical note, it was meant to clear the 5th Fleet of some of its older ships and officers, in order to make room for the new blood rising in the ranks.

The irony, of course, is that Joost’s group of mothballs had the unfortunate distinction of making first contact with the Empire.


Rear Admiral Joost von Haag

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